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The GlazenHuis of Lommel is presenting itself as the Flemish Centre for Contemporary Glass Art. However the GlazenHuis is committing itself a lot further than this subtitle is suggesting. It is a dynamic centre which wants to promote glass in all its forms and focusses on all its appearances and functionalities: Glass in daily use, glass in design, glass through history, glass in the future, glass within contemporary art. Especially giving this last 'glass as an artistic medium' a place within contemporary art is one of our main goals.
The GlazenHuis shows that glass can be what it wants to be: an object or a painting, bronze or gemstone, art or design, unique or ordinary, colourful or transparent.



In May 2007 the GlazenHuis in Lommel opened its doors. For the region, but also for the country, this meant the start of a unique and ambitious project. The Flemish Centre for Contemporary Glass Art offers Flanders the possibility to propagate its Glass Culture in a global way.
Every year the Flemish Centre for Contemporary Glass Art accomodates three unique exhibitions. Every group or solo exhibition starts from a different angle and focuses more on the informative, the technical, the sculptural, the conceptual or the thematic aspect. Each time internationally renowned artists and designers are invited to present their artwork.
Meanwhile – 6 years later- the GlazenHuis has organized, next to numerous workshops and studio projects, 15 strong, divers exhibitions with highlights as 'The Taste of Glass (2010)', 'The Glass Canvas (2011)' and the 'International Glass Prize (2012)'.


The glass cone with a height of 30 metres, which is illuminated at night, is towering above the town centre of Lommel in an almost transparent manner. A six metre high glass 'box' and a basement accomodate exhibition space on three levels around the cone.

With this the celebrated architect Philippe Samyn designed a powerful symbol for the glass town in which three-dimensional perception, the art and its production coexist in symbiosis and form an inextricable linked whole.


Besides the work of internationally renowned artists, designers and young talented people, the museum is also presenting glass objects from private and public collections such as the collection of glass of the city Lommel. For almost twenty years the city is developing its own collection of glass, on the advice of the Arts Policy Committee. Searches being made in Belgium and abroad and visits to galleries, exhibitions, art fairs and artist's studios deliver a contemporary, unique and valuable glass collection.

In the year 2013 the collection includes more than 70 artworks from national and international artists. Besides the numerous purchases, artists and collectors also like to donate artworks to the collection. The home base of the city's glass art collection is – in addition to a number of public spaces, including the Mayor's house – the gallery of the House of the City (Hertog Janplein 1). In 2009, a catalog was published with an overview of the collection. (see list)

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Dorp 14b - 3920 Lommel - België
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