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Glass as a canvas, as a carrier through history
10/04/2011 – 25/09/2011

This exhibition is an investigation into the use of glass as a canvas. It is a series of confrontations of the glass canvas in its physical appearance (smooth - rough | light - dark | transparent screen - reflection | miniature - monumental), but also in the psychological experience (accessible - unreachable | reveal - blur | protect - invite). Going from the canvas as a mediator between inside and outside, to the glass surface as an image former or transformer, as a classical canvas or carrier of a concept that appears as a rigid skin or as a flexible weaving.
The Glass Canvas presents itself as a breakable membrane that gives access to the unreachable reality, which it reflects or deforms, fragments or defragments.
The Glass Canvas is a virgin surface that is covered with paints and emulsions or damaged by chemical or mechanical attacks, but in its clear state can be used as a high gloss protector.
This exhibition is a meeting between old and new in a glass context of religion, architecture, art and entertainment.


presented artists:
J. Schaechter [US] | A. Salvador [IT] | W. Berckmans [BE] | M. Dukers [IT] | F. Jespers [BE] | F. Federer [GB] | L. Semecka [CZ] | S. Peretti [DE/US] | M. Janis [US] | R. Hawes [CA] | N. Sandberg [US] | T. Lahaie [US] | J. Röder [DE] | D. Sandersley [GB] | K. Vanderstukken [BE/CA] | I. Rosschaert [BE] | M. Martens [BE] | G. Pierson [BE] | J. Caen [BE] | E. Leibovitz [BE] | W. Delvoye [BE]

confronted with historical:
stained glass windows [14-16th C] | glass medallions [16-17th C] | reversed glass paintings [19-20th C] | mirrors [19th C] | glass photo negatives [19-20th C]

with loans of:
Erfgoed Lommel – Lommel (BE) | Musée départemental du Verre – Sars Poteries (FR) | STAM – Gent (BE) | St. Gummaruskerk – Lier (BE) | M. Majerus – Luxemburg (LU) | J. Caen – Schoten (BE) | M. Groot – Amsterdam (NL) | A. Beerents – Amsterdam (NL) | Berengo Studio – Venetië (IT) | Heller Gallery – New York (US) | C. Oliver Gallery – New York (US)


catalogue available

Dorp 14b - 3920 Lommel - België
T +32(0)11/54.13.35 - F +32(0)11/55.22.66
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